Friday, February 5, 2016

Life as a college student.


Helloooo everybody. Harini sebenarnya rasa rajin nak menaip tapi tak tahu lah nak taip pasal apa hahaha yes, I am that clueless. As you can see, header and background dah tukar, gambar profile dah tukar, I bet this will show the new me and this new Hanis is the one that is stronger and does not need anyone to rely on except The Creator because sometimes when I am in need of someone to hear my problems I feel like wth am I doing... It just come across my mind. Anyway, I bet today's entry will be a story of my high school life or maybe my college life or maybe my usual boring life ha ha shit Hanis choose one please!!!

Okay, I made a decision, and I will be doing a college life kid of thing. Fyi, I am a full time degree student in UiTM Kampus Arau, Perlis. Yes, it is miles away from my hometown but still in Malaysia but somehow a long enough distance for me to travel by a plane hikhik. This is because if I take a bus to come home like from TRG to Perlis or Perlis to TRG, it takes like 14 hours to reach the destination and the bus ticket is RM72. Yes, it is that expensive if you are wondering but its okay haha i am already going to enter the fourth semester next month hihi which means i have three more semesters left to finish my degree yeahh and i cannot wait to be at that moment where it is the last day of my degree life. 

Moving on, I studied Polymer Technology which is definitely not my choice as I am freaking in love with organic chemistry but this is what i got and I was just, okay, I'll go. For me, being a science stream student will cause you a lot of stress, works, reports and that was the normal things i need to face every semester. Sometimes, I felt jealous towards my three tambi(s) because they are not taking science anymore and guess what they got dean list for a couple of semesters!!! How can i not feel anything.... but life must goes on and i guess i need to work harder to achieve the dean. 

Honestly, life as a university student is not as exciting as i thought when i was in high school. It just, you have more time to study, you have more time to dress up, you have more time to flirt (i bet guys will think the same), and you dont have to wear that white uniform for five days per week. However, for me, sometimes i think wearing the uniform is better cause you do not have to think of what outfit you should wear for the next day and it is the most annoying problems i ever face. You want to look good but you feel like you dont have good clothes or scarf which ends up you will wear like always black tudung with a black shirt and a black long skirt or maybe black jeans. yeah, i am dead serious. That is one of the most feminist problems that i think every girls are facing. 

The next thing is what you want to eat. As i am staying at the hostel, i am not allowed to cook except maggi of course. So, the thing is, you will get bored of all the food at the cafe inside the college and you will end up searching for cafes outside the college until one time you also feel bored with the food outside. Usually, after class, like at the evening, i will ask my friend i am always with, 

"Nok makang mane eh kekgi?" (in Terengganu accent)

and she will reply,

"Tahu gok. Ikut ah."

Then, that is the worst answer that you will be getting. you see, you already have no clue where you want to eat so you ask your friend but your friend gives the answer that will make absolutely you the one who do the thinking. It may look like a very simple thing but seriously when you faced it every single day including the weekends, you will know why i said this is one of the must problems as a college student. 

For me personally, i think that i like college life but i missed my high school a lot. It was just totally different but seriously, cherish every moment in your high school without wanting to finish immediately because as the time you are being a college student, you will miss your school a lot. That's what i always told my juniors but typically, a high school student will have the feelings to finish their school as soon as possible.

So, that is it for today. Thank you very much for reading this entry and Good Night!

Thursday, February 4, 2016



Hello there lovelies hahaha i dont think there are other people who read this entry. Today is the third of February and going to be fourth in half an hour, yes, time flies sooo fast and i dont even feel it and i think i am going to publish this on the fourth of February cause i am so damn sucks at typing with my very trashy massive thoughts. Okay. Right now i am enjoying my semester break which only has around 25 more days left and i feel bad for this very short break. The result is not out yet and of course i am very very very nervous like i dont even want to think about it, absolutely just freaks me out. If i am not mistaken, it has been around 5 months or maybe more or maybe less, of me being single.

Probably not that kind of interesting fact but yeah, i am actually counting the days sometimes and i dont remember when did i stop. For me, it must be a big deal as we have been in a serious relay, sort of, for about four years and yes it was a freaking long time. For sure there must be people out there that have been in a longer period but this one for me is just really really long. Blergh i just want to stop writing in english i just cannot and i dont know why i like to express my feelings in this freaking not my language ergh im sucks.

Ok, aku ni serabut sebenonye yelah kan sebab lepas break up haritu kena block dengan jantan dok guna tu pastu just now someone added me into a group which was basically a batch group that combines the guys and the girls. Well, it just suddenly wakes me up that i have been in the same school with him and we are in the same batch like cant he just get the fuck out of my life??? Wow, i let out few curses i guessed and maybe some more after this. This whatsapp group is really not the best idea for me, as i dont ever want to be involved with guys especially that bastard and he made me believes that guys nowadays are that heartless, like him. Yes, that is one of the seriously disgusting issues that i am not suppose to think but it sinks very well in my mind.

For your information, i am turning 21 this year, yes i am that young ahaks! This age sometimes pressures me like i should have been having my own money at this age, i should have own a nice car, like every single thing that an adult must think although i am fully supported by both of my parents. Yes, that is my problem!! I dont want to ask them for money anymore!! Like seriously asking them for money do make me feel shit like i am the most useless daughter in the world. As i was going to apply for a loan last year, my mom caught me and of course angrily scolded me that the loan was very unneeded and it involves riba yeah government nowadays is very 'kewl' like that. She said that my dad is stable enough to pay my tuition fees and my hostel, to support my daily life but dont they understand that the fact that i need to ask them for money when i running out of them is very stressful? Fyi, my father is a person that bank in the money when i need, not monthly as he always seems to forget and he can get very busy sometimes. So, when he gives me like a three hundred cash for 5 weeks, with my bus ticket, my club fees, my books, my everything lah, absolutely the amount was not enough. I have been trying to cut out my eating but still, i cannot manage to save a lot as i imagine. I think if i fast everyday and i eat once a day, then i will save a lot. HAHA for sure cannot lah i am a student that always in search of food, a student that cannot live without food whenever the time. A stressful life of a student requires loads of food to destress hihi.

Moving on to the next problem. Do I have that much? Hahaha no lah i dont think i want to let anything out anymore just for now i want people to pray for peace in Malaysia and for a better and fair politics, judgements, everything lah because Malaysia today is Malaysia that people targeted to be bankrupt around Sepetember 2016 and PLEASE PRAY THAT THE BANKRUPTCY WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Thank you for your time reading this useless entry and thank you for the prayers *if you pray lah

BYE! (i told so i will be publising this on the 4th of February)